Commerce with consciousness

We started this with a desire to help those we believed were in need. So we partner with people who have the same vision in Mongolia, the birthplace of some of the owners. To offer the less fortunate shelter and meals, to teach people a craft or help them express it, and to meditate.

Mongolia is rich in culture, spiritual knowledge, skill. And an abundance of beauty and natural colors. Under the Mongolian blue sky, through the artists’ meditation, hearing the voices the wind brings from their ancestors, these beautiful works have manifested and come to life. This art has a unique rhythm, handmade from the wisdom of nature and nomadic lifestyle. Each piece carries a blessed, strong, positive and healing energy.

These talented masters transformed into light forces to translate energy to art. Trusting us to bring it to the right person, the one who is ready to receive. People who have our pieces talk of immediate luck and positive events happening in their life. Even, we might dare to say, a passage to their spiritual self. Every piece that you choose will align with you if your inner light desires it. It will move with you and communicate through an unspoken language that only you will understand.

We hope to spread as much love as we can. And to keep helping as many people as possible. And inspire people to do their own kind of #commercewithconsciousness, and always pay it forward.

We hope you are having a day full of self-discovery and self love, we send you a virtual hug….and don’t forget to keep breathing everything is going to be ok…..TsagaanOchir…